This 3D Printer Makes The Best Christmas Present

FlashForge Adventurer 3 Pro Review

FLASHFORGE 3D Printer Adventurer 3 Pro is a good quality and advanced 3D printer on the market these days. This is truly makes the best Christmas present to to give to the friends and family. With a little understanding anyone can use it like a pro. We have used and review it. Make sure you read the review before buying it. For additional queries we have also added them below. Overall it’s a better 3D Printer. The other specs and features are mentioned below:

Nozzle – FLASHFORGE is equipped wit with a 0.4mm 240℃ nozzle and a 0.4mm 265℃ nozzle. With a consistent heat to 200°C (392°F) for a 60 seconds. We can remove the nozzle from the Extruder if we want to by just pushing it out. It’s that simple

Leveling & Glass Bed – It’s build plate has been leveled that’s absolutely flat. So it’s not flexible we don’t see any wrapping issues while working with it. It’s a great plus for this kind of 3D printer. It is also compatible with the PEI platform which was released earlier to assemble it.

Camera Support – Flashforge has built-in HD camera installed on it. So we can easily view what’s happening inside the 3d printer easily from the distance. There’s no need for going and checking after a while.

Filament Support – It has great filament support which increases its performance for printing ABS, PLA, PC, PETG, PLA-CF, PETG-CF and other filaments.

Auto Loading – The filament gets autoloaded into the system as it comes with an enclosed spool holder. Just stick filament end into it and then the filament automatically loads with the help of touchscreen click. It makes the process automatic. We don’t have to go back and stick it back in every time. This feature is missing in many popular 3D printers.

Noise Reduction – Flashforge has the least noise production among its peers. The process of 3D printing is very smooth. So you can put it anywhere in your home including closed small rooms due to its amazing noise reduction technology.

Support – An other great thing about Flashforge is their online support which is comparatively great. The lifetime technical support also includes free return and exchange due to its 1-year warranty. The support is bound to reach you within few hours if anything happens.


How FLASHFORGE 3D Printer ABS Print Quality is?

We tried ABS printing on this and it was amazing. You would love to print ABS and see the quality it finally comes out with. Amazing.

Can I Print Wedding Photos on FLASHFORGE 3D Printer?

Yes and the result is amazing for 3d printing your wedding photos with this printer. You can frame them or hang them in your drawing room for your guests and friends to see.

Can I Connec it Through Ethernet?

Yes you can connect it with the ethernet as well which is not a big deal at all. As in the corporate offices and hospitals this 3d printer is extensively used. Most of the time they use ethernet to connect them as it builds better connection.

What Else Can be Bought With FLASHFORGE 3D Printer for Big Events As A Present?

For big events like Birthday parties and Christmas you can easily buy FLASHFORGE as a present for someone. DON’T forget to buy some additional colorful filaments and also a filament dryer storing box along with it. The present would make a great one to surprise your loved one.

Does FLASHFORGE Work on Windows 10 and 11?

Yes definitely it works with the major Win releases. It has support as well for that which you can contact any time. However, you need to download Flashprint slicing software for to make it work with Windows 11 from their website.

How to Connect FLASHFORGE with My Wifi?

Once you have installed SW flashprint you need to connect it with the same SSID and enter the correct IP address. It also works well with the USB. If you have any problem connecting it with the Wifi make sure you have entered the IP address correctly.

Does FLASHFORGE Comes With a SD Card?

No it does not come with a SD card in the package. If you want to you can buy it additionally.

Can FLASHFORGE Print Ultrasound embryo Images as well?

FLASHFORGE 3d printer can pring ultrasound embyo images. A method called lithophane is used which would additionally require some light at the back to work. Overall it can print them easily. You just need to practice it a while.

What is the Measurement of Spool Holder in FLASHFORGE?

The FLASHFORGE spool holder is very large as you might have seen smaller ones on other 3D pritners. It also has an Inserter adapter for micro jobs.