Here is How to Clean 3D Objects in Post Production

Mercury XS bundle keeps our 3d printers clean as it also comes with a separate washing and curing station for a huge size Resin 3d printers. Here we have explained how we can use it for our resin 3d printers, its features and usage. Having a 3d printer is good but if we fail to keep it clean and tidy its lifespan would be shortened. In other cases, we would end up losing the quality of prints or its performance would become extremely slow. Apart from that if the leveler gets affected it would start vibrating and shaking much more. So before thinking that the product might have issues from the beginning make sure you keep the 3d printer clean and neat.

It’s necessary to clean the 3d printed models once we are done printing them. The final touches really change the game for all our products that we have printed. But without proper equipment we cannot do that. Here is how we can clean the 3d objects in post production.

ELEGOO is a very popular 3d printers’ brand all over the world. We would keep reviewing their 3d printers and accessories to keep you informed about everything. When we have 3d printers we definitely need to keep them tidy by washing and cleaning. For that we need special equipment as we cannot clean them with anything we use in our homes for domestic care.

ELEGOO is not just a popular brand for quality 3d printers but it also has tons of accessories and products that we need on the road for longevity and performance of our 3d printer. ELEGOO Mercury XS Bundle with separate washing and curing station is an equally important accessory to have. It’s best for the resin 3d printers.

Some of its features are mentioned here:


Mercury XS Bundle is compatible with the resin 3d printers including Saturn and Mars LCD 3d printers for the post production especially. Its exposure works 360 degrees to rotate the objects and this rotation is automatic. Its handheld UV lamp is there for curing the nooks and crannies and also 3d printers’ inside. So there are no dead ends left untouched. It completely does its job with this much exposure.

Post Curing of 3d Objects

The post curing station Mercury XS has the 2 L-shaped light bars and each has been built into 14 UV LED lights each and also 4 UV LED beads under that automatic turntable that rotates 360 degrees that we mentioned earlier. So the care becomes very much essential for the 3d prints. The post curing in general is what else we need apart from the 3d printer itself. So making a 3d print is not enough, its final touches are also important that’s what we could get with this Mercury XS bundle.


The functionality of this curing and washing station for 3d printers is worth every 3d printer owner’s shot to clean the prints. Mercury XS has 1 washing station and also 1 post-curing station so it’s how the 3d printer could get totally taken care of. It has dual functionality which helps us to keep our 3d printed objects cleaned off the resin remains and also enhance the quality of prints.
The post processing becomes easy this and once our 3d prints are cleaned they are ready to be shipped.

Washing Volume

Mercury XS has a large washing volume that has enough room with 7000ml capacity tank for holding water. We can easily clean the 3d objects we created on large resin printers like ELEGOO Mars 3 and Saturn without having to worry about the untidy 3d prints that we just printed. This would improve the functionality and productivity of our artistry on the 3d objects. If we are running an online store to sell 3d objects this is the best way to increase productivity.

Operation of Mercury XS

The overall functioning and operation for Mercury XS is absolutely intuitive as it just has a knob to take care of. We need to just press and hold it for a few seconds and it turns on Mercury XS. Once the machine turns on then we need to rotate the knob to set it up to choose the time for washing and cleaning. However, its cover covers 99.9% UV rays and our eyes also remain protected from that. In the post curing we get a lot of things done with this.


It’s an ideal post production device for resin 3d printers and is highly compatible with ELEGOO Saturn and Mars 3 or the 3d printers that have been built with most similar build volume LCD/DLP/SLA 3D resin printers which are available online on the stores or even on the storefronts around you. The product is best for the post production of 3d printed objects available on the market, making your 3D resin print post-processing simple, professional, and efficient.