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We welcome all type of guest posts from all over the world to share their opinions, announcements, product reviews and blog posts in general on this incredibly pacy website and all type of 3d printer related posts are accepted here as guest posts. This write for us opportunity is for everyone to try their hand at a rising platform and derive solid value for their products and services.

We always appreciate high quality posts written by anyone, as long as the post is great and makes sense to the readers by providing authenticity and great readership it’s accepted. You can contribute your enthusiasm for writing here about anything regarding the releases of new 3d printers startups, 3D printers research and product launches etc we can help you get to the right audiences. We would accept the posts and you can easily avoid guest post rejection.

To avoid rejection, please make sure to review our guest post section for guidelines to contribute to the following Write-For-Us categories. We always appreciate your well-written posts for the following categories:

  • Modern Tech
  • Smart Home
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printers
  • Educational Tech
  • Starter Kits Related to 3D Printers and Modern Tech
  • 3D Printer Start ups
  • LIDAR Technologies
  • Smart Printers
  • Hig-tech Scanners
  • AI-powered Machines
  • 3D Printer Software
  • 3D Printer Hardware
  • IoT Technologies
  • Miniature Tech Including Miniature 3D Printers etc.
  • Underwter Tech
  • 3D Printer Filaments
  • 3D Printer Resins
  • 3D Printer Parts
  • 3D Printing Kits
  • 3D Printed Models
  • 3D Printing
  • Bio Printers
  • 3D Scanners
  • STEM Educational Kits
  • Many More

Some of The Benefits of Writing As a Guest Writer on Which 3D Printer Buy

Matchless Exposure – Our platform receives a good number of readers every month which keeps increasing to read high quality guest posts and sponsored posts. Our community shares these guest authors to a multitude of new audiences. Your shared experiences may assist others in scaling in a similar field. We circulate new posts to the different users across a variety of platforms as a result every new post gets a solid exposure to more eye-balls despite the fact this website is not very old. If the post is really well-researched and written, it could explode and get viral to the every nook and corner of the world on every device.

Getting High Quality Backlinks – A most varied use-case of publishing guest posts here is also receiving backlinks for your websites and blogs. The backlinks improve performance of a website and send signals for ranking at search engines. Once a website has a solid list of backlinks their keywords improve giving it a shoot to the website to the top. This small change positively impacts everything in the longrun, if that’s a business model it attracts more eye-balls eventually.

SEO Score – An other a widely accepted benefit of having a guest post about the blog, product or website published increases SEO of a the website in general. The score dramatically increases, which pushes the online business model forward. It could prove a free SEO resource for the website and a good chance to increase the website reputation without spending a dime sometimes.

Real Value for Time and Money – If someone is a student or teacher at a student for Robotics and AI-based electronics, it could prove the best way to sharpen their skills and harness their mettle at a practical level. This way they could not just improve their skills but also get their work reviewed. It’s more like getting the assignment done after an internship the right way. There are more other examples that can be quoted here. But overall getting published something about your products or website is the best reward for a long run.

Getting More Attention For The Website/Blog/Products – We can easily build a large audience for our tiny website through guest posts. So whenever you feel after reading you should try a guest post, go to Write For Us section and send a word to us. We get good applications every week, we would try very best to reach you so that you can start writing and making your products widespread.

Content Quality and Control – Please make sure that you write your own posts. WE DISCOURAGE AI WRITTEN CONTENT and have tools to detect them. So don’t waste your time on spinning the stuff round and or even writing through an AI writer. If we found that, we ould be obliged to remove the posts or even ban the author in some cases. It’s in the pursuit of giving human voice to reach right audience. We encourage human-written posts. If there’s a problem we can sort that out together.

We have the right to edit the post for minor changes or update the details like dates etc to make it suitable to the right time for the right people. One thing that many Guest Writers make they use a lot of contractions without realizing it, this is a written piece, which requires the complete context. SO DO NOT USE CONTRACTIONS unless they are required to create an impact and are utterly necessary.

Love for Writing – If you are a leisure writer you can still reach out to us. We would try our best to provide you opportunities and platforms to write and get published. We have couple of related paltforms where you can push your posts as well. Like we said earlier, a good writer or an enthusiast who cherishes love for writing no matter how mediocre that’s would always find right resources to push through.

What Would You Get in Return of Sponsored Posts?

We give our authors a chance to establish their readership through our community and also push their contents for authority backlinks to their blogs and websites.

We expect our new prime authors to reflect their ability to provide value back to the readers for their valuable time by reflexing their writing experience. To achieve that and make it possible for the new guest writers we have laid down a few easy-to-follow guidelines so that they can be at home with the requirements while writing.

How to reach out for the right ‘write for us’ guest post opportunites through search engines?

There are many ways to find write for us or guest posting opportunities online. The best way to find them is using Google or Bing and use few of the following keywords in the search bar:

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“guest post”
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“become a contributor”
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Solid Writing Guildeline for A Quality Guest Post

Here are few basics which are necessary to follow to get heard and read the right way without wasting any time.

Words’ Length – In order to maintain value and quality we encourage authors to submit guest posts of word-length between 500-5000-words at this point

Uniqueness – The posts should be originally written by a human–like we said earlier DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON AI WRITERS/SPINNERS they would not drive any value for your website/blog in anyway or even you as writer in general.

Quotes And Examples – Make sure to put forward right examples. Even if you are writing a product review make sure to address it well so that peoeple should know about its benefits clearly.

Writing Reviews – We receive many product review requests. Whoever submitts them, just make sure that they are covering major aspects as well. We appreciate quality product reviews that cover everything about the products and services.

Nature of Contents – These things are strictly discouraged in the posts. We strictly check posts for all these contents:

  • No hate speech against any religion, caste or system
  • No pornographic or obscene contents of any type are allowed in any form or type
  • Zero hate speech against any person
  • We do not accept any type of fake news about anything
  • No plagiarism
  • No AI or spun contents
  • No copyright infringement contents
  • No copyrighted media in any form or type

Here are types of posts we accept:

  • Press releases
  • Product reviews
  • General Purpose Guides
  • Research Papers
  • Opinions
  • Goods and Services

For more details use the Contact Us form to contact us directly.

The Nature of Guest/Sponsored or Write For US’ Posts

The guest posts or ‘write for us’ are posts that we can submit on websites or platforms that offer a place to push your posts sometimes free/paid. It works both ways. They bring great value to the blogs or websites for SEO. As a backlink they can boost the product to the top searches on search engines if the post does well in the searches.

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