Neptune 3 Pro 3D Printer Review

The new ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro 3D printer is the new craze now. This new 3d printer is going to make ELEGOO as one of the top brands in the world. It comes with amazing features which we have discussed below.

Although ELEGOO just recently released the Neptune 3 just a few months ago and it’s a fantastic fdm 3D printer which we reviewed earlier. However the Neptune 3 pro is the best shot. Not only is the print quality but the Auto mesh bed leveling plus a slightly larger build volume of Neptune 3 FDM is what you find on the Neptune 2s too. Again if we compare it with the newest Neptune 3 Pro 3d it’s totally futuristic and very unique with a lot great features that we are going to discuss below.

The new Neptune 3 pro has all of that and a good bit more and this is such an impressive machine to work with the new ad improved mechanism. It is very quiet so the Neptune 3 Pro definitely looks somewhat similar to the Neptune 3 FDM which is also a quiter 3d printer. However there are a few aesthetic design tweaks that have been made on this 3d printer but the overall build volume is the exact same between the Neptune 3 and the Neptune 3 Pro. It also comes with an auto mesh bed leveling just like we would find on the Neptune 3 as well.

Neptune 3 Pro VS Neptune 3 Pro FDM

However where it starts to differentiate from the Neptune 3 is that this is the first Neptune printer that comes with a direct drive dual gear extruder this means that you can very easily print now with soft materials as well TPU on the nef2 and 3 Pro this is also the first Neptune printer coming standard with dual Z rods installed on the back of the machine.

That also means we would have to have a really stable printing experience. We would never going to have that issue where the axis just slips and falls when you’d not actively printing which was always kind of the thing that slightly annoyed me with some of my other Neptune printers also with that direct drive extruder. We would have dual fans to make sure that the models we would be printing are properly cooled while the plastic’s laying down and similar to the Neptune 3 the pro version is also coming with the touchpad interface that has a old-school telephone wire tethering it to the printer.

But it also has the added benefit that it’s magnetically secured in place. Since the Neptune 3 pro has that direct drive extruder we are going to have the spool holder to enter the mounted on the top so that it can more easily feed filament straight down into the extruder plus it’s also got this swiveling filament run out sensor that you can either use or not use. It looks nice on the interface now you can completely enable or disable the filament run out sensor the Neptune 3 Pro also has the Dual belt tensioners on the X and Y. It also has that same magnetic textured Pei sheet that we would be able to print directly on the files that would be front loaded on a micro USB which is kind of standard now with these Neptune style 3D printers on that touch screen interface.

which is really easy and straightforward and pretty responsive to work with there are lots of different options when it comes to actually setting up your pre-default preheat settings for the different materials that you want to be printing with everything from PLA to ABS to TPU to other and they also have a number of different other functions that we would be able to go in and enable or disable when it comes to working with the printer. Everything from the beeping sound that its would produce through the interface is making to whether or not you want to have of the power loss resume functionality enabled.

Setting Up Neptune 3 Pro

The setup of this 3d printer is the simplest out of all of the different Neptune 3D printers that we have used before. We could set up this 3d printer in just 15 minutes. We could even start printing even less than that. This is so how simple the wire assembly is on the back of the this 3d printer. So once we get our printer fully assembled you have to make all those wire connections it’s really simple to do that.
This printer has also a rocking an LED light bar along the top panel that we could enable or disable at any point in time mid-print.

Features and Working of Neptune 3 Pro

This is fantastic for someone who is a professional in 3d printing. However it could be great for anybody that’s just wanting a better look at how their model is being printed at that moment. One of the biggest features is its quietness. The Neptune 3d printer pro is absolutely quite, so much that it would really make you love it just for that.

This new ELEGOO 3d printer is it is unbelievably quiet. It’s basically every other 3D printers is very quite as this is one of the loudest printers. This is a really great new addition to the Neptune series of machines especially if you’re planning on setting up a number of these and you want to have a more quiet space. You could still hear the fan while it’s printing but it is so utterly quiet compared to almost any other 3D printer that you might have worked.

Some of those prints that’s included with the printer on the SD card. You can run the slice on the Neptune machines and this one specifically designed to fit on the back Carriage of the Neptune 3 Pro. If you see the prints they look fantastic. Everything else all of the tools fit perfectly on the build plate. It is nicely held and convenient on the back of the machine for you to easily access when you need them. The tool holder was printed with ELEGOO’s blue PLA.

The prints really look nice and clean on this particular printer. When you’d see everything it looks printed wonderfully on the Neptune 3 pro printer. While its direct drive extruder and by the way it’s so easy to load and unload filaments on it. Since Neptune 3 pro has that direct drive that means that we can again work with some flexible materials. So you can again add the roll of TPU and start printing some things here on this machine. The printing speed and time are two things very special to mention as well. You can print simple stuff as quickly as 10 minutes time on this 3d printer.

Printing Squishy Soft Materials

What’s the best feature ELEGOO’s Neptune 3 Pro 3d printer is we can print soft materials on this one as well. It’s quite revolutionary. Even though we could have 3d print many things on others as well which are not kind of hard materials. But on this we can print absolutely thin stuff like a slim paper bag from Taco Bell. Just scan it and print it. It’s not this amazing? Neptune opens room for many other opportunities in future.
The cost of Neptune 3 Pro 3d printer is not out of the proportion despite all the advanced specifications built into this amazing machine. Besides, it’s going to make ELEGOO a household name once it’s commercially available on the markets everywhere. By Far Neptune 3 Pro 3d printer is best of 3d printers released until now. We are pretty sure there are much more better 3d printers are going to be out soon by others. But at this time Neptune 3 pro 3d is the best shot to push this thing forward.

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