Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D Printer – The Noiseless 3D Printer To-Date

ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D Printer with Auto Bed Leveling, Dual-Gear Direct Extruder, Dual Lead Screw Drive, Removable Capacitive Screen, 225x225x280mm Large Printing Size

Naptune 3 Pro FDM 3D Printer comes with tons of new specially done features and that’s what makes this 3d printer a hot selling product on popular platforms. On YouTube, TikTok and other social media’s the models made on Naptune and sold all around the world.

This Halloween 2022 tons of just ghost 3d models were sold which generated 100 of thousand dollars for expert 3d enthusiasts. The best thing about Naptune is it comes with features like auto leveling of bed, dual gear direct extruder and removable capacitive screen as well as the large print opportunities. So overall it makes a great 3d printer.

Let’s dig deep and describe some of its features that make this 3d printer the best choice for everyone:

Magnetic Platform

The hotbed can easily heat up to 100 degrees and start printing which is 250w. The platform is PEI magnetic that has a coating over it and also spring steel sheet that helps the 3d models to be released after printing and pop out once finsiehd printing and can be detached by just bending the steel sheet. We can also work on 4.3″ touch screen attached to the base which can be removed. We can also monitor the modeling image and check on its progress.

Powerful Extrusion System

Naptune 3 Pro FDM has direct dual gear drive extruder which has ben made with stainless steel SUS303 and what it does it provides 3:1 reduction ratio with a binding force by extruder that smoothens the filament feeder and the precision just becomes exceptional. This also has removed the chance of nozzle getting clogged overall this extruder works very well as compared to the Bowden extruder. You can use popular filament types on it including PLA, ABS and other types.

Nozzle Kit Essentials

Nozzle kit of Naptune also surprises us with so detailed equipment built into it. The throat pipe is made of TC4 titanium, the heat sink is also of aluminum while the nozzle is made of brass material. Its heat sink is joined with a cooling fan that cools off the system and that way the throat pipe cools down. This way the nozzle also clears. This kit makes things much better and the 3d printing experience is incredible.

Automated 3d Printing

Naptune FDM printer takes care of the job well and comes with its smart printing that almost takes everything to the next level. For instance the smart printing of auto bed leveling adds great precision as its sensor scans 36 (6×6) points and the raw data is added in a quick time of hotbed. Later the Z-axis height can be easily adjusted to ensure the smoothness of the platform. Besides, in any case of power shortage the printing resumes from where it was left.

Platform Stability

We can set the Z-axis screws and the dual motor to print with stability. The precision gets adjusted very easily. For even more unevenness there’s 4-wheel v-guide rail pulley is there. It also protects wear-tear and noise control.

Over all experience – Quiet And Safe Printing

This comes already assembled so we don’t have to spend hours assembling it for its important parts. The other parts that require screwing into are very few that help you quick start 3d printing in a matter of minutes.
We tried ELEGOO’s Napture 3 Pro the FDM model and it’s has done pretty well and the printed models are unbelievably exceptional in 225*225*280mm large size.
So it can make anyone happy with their ideal models printed. It’s STM32 motherboard is taking care of everything well. The noise off this 3d printer is almost nudged down to nothing as low as 47-48dB. Literally it’s just the fan’s little noise and as a whole this 3d printer useful in the closed small rooms. It would surprise you in the first place if you have not had a silent 3d printer due to its stepper motors. The movement of the printer is very smooth and uninterrupted with great precision.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Naptune FDM 3D Printer Answered:

Do I need special ELEGOO GCODE files to work them on Naptune any GCODE files could work?

Your GCODE files would work as much as its own. The GCODE slices and print those files on this Napute FDM printer.

How large is the Napute 3 Pro FDM original build plate?

The size of this 3d printer after unboxing is 235mm x 235mm while the printing area is 220 x 200 which you could see in the description as well.

Is there any filament in Naptune package that it coems with?

Yes they send a green and red PLA test filament with it of course. But it’s just for the test don’t make up your decision about Naptune 3 Pro depending on the early results once you have not used a professional filament.

What hotend type Naptune has?

Naptune has PTFE hotend which is they use in Creality 3d printer as well.

The footprint of product in Naptune 3 Pro after we unbox and assemble the printer?

Once we attach the spool holder to the printer the filament stays on its top which adds 3.5 more inches to original 18″ x 17″ at its top.

What are 3 different model types of Naptune 2, 2S and X as well?

The Naptune 2S has the new bed leveling metal knobs and the metal filament while if we look at 2 it’s plastic. While you should know that the upgrade kit 2 comes with a high quality bed level springs, metal bed knobs and of course the capricon tube. Now let’s talk about 2S model of Naptune has bed springs but not as good as the 2’s upgraded kit.

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