Vyper 3D Printer – The 3D Printer with Large Build & Smart Leveling

Here on our 3d printer website which 3D printer to buy we have been featuring those 3d printers which have some special features or come with some real value for the money. The next 3d printer is ANYCUBIC Vyper which also comes great build, high-end specs and great functionality. Its build would really surprise you and roomy it’s and objects look really sharply done. So let’s get to see what is more being offered by this ANYCUBIC 3d printer.

There are many nicely manufactured things into ANYCUBIC Vyper 3D printer which we have mentioned below in details. Please make sure you read each of these before getting this 3d printer:

AI Intelligent Leveler

We can use its leveller to level it automatically. There are not many 3d printers on the market with this feature which is a very important one. The levelling system built into it is powered through AI. So we can easily use it for creating perfect prints. There is nothing to human imagination. The rest of the job is done by the 16-point pressure strain gauge which further levels its ground for smooth performance. This single feature alone can make this one a good choice and the performance percentage also increases manifolds.


An other very useful specification built into Vyper is its room for large prints. We can 3d print figures on a large scale. The height of these printed objects could be 10.2-inches tall with a width of 26cm. With this much room to build we can craft amazing objects that would definitely help us bring our ideas into life and presented as gifts. Why not try them this Christmas.


One of the biggest reasons people get bored off 3d printers due to the sluggishness. They take hours to make build a small object. This really needs to change. While Vyper 3d printer has a better efficiency and speed. It’s speed range is around 18 cm/s or 7.1 in/s max. It helps use create the models quickly. We can use its Z-axis design to avoid print layer marks and produce a higher quality print.

Corrosion And Rust Free Design

In any 3d printer if the magnetic platform gets rusted or corrodes it completely exploits the durability of that 3d printer. On the contrary, Vyper has a rust-proof magnetic plate which does not require any maintenance at all. It’s just there and stays as long as the 3d printer is functional. We can easily remove it if we want to. It’s also compatible with all the pop filaments including PLA/ABS/PETG/TPU.

Automated Resuming

Vyper comes with the artificial intelligent system built into it for a number of small technical tasks. For instance if the power shuts down or any outage happens or even if we turn it off, the next time we start it, it would resume building object where it was left earlier. Even if the filament runs out or it becomes very heated it manages to control everything.

Most Common Vyper 3D Printer Questions Answered

What type of SD cards are supported on Vyper 3d printer?

The bundled SD cards would work fine however make sure to format the SD card to FAT32 and it could work up to 16 GBs, for more detailed insight into that contact the manufacturer. We are sure it works for the capacity of 2-16 GBs.

Is Vyper 3d printer connects and works with a PC?

It works fine with the PC but to save power the PC might shut it down. Make sure you choose the settings from the PC not to shut it down.Using a USB-C to connect it to the PC is highly recommended.

Can I print toys on Vyper 3D printer and sell them?

Absolutely, you can make the objects on Vyper and sell them on your own website, social media page or Etsy like marketplace.

Can I connect Vyper to my wifi?

No, the best way to connect it to a device is using a USB-C connector to connect to the PC.

What is the size of Vyper 3d printer?

Machine size: 508mm×457mm×516mm

Does Vyper Come with a Direct Drive Extruder in the package?

The Vyper 3d printer does not come with a bowden tube. So yes it has direct drive hotend Extruder.

Does it require calibrating for Y-axis while auto leveling?

Yes, that’s the right way to do it or it might overshoot.