This Enclosed 3D Printer With Metal Frame is The Best Christmas Gift Ever

iMates 3d Printer Detailed Review

iMates 3d printer is not our average 3d printer. It’s very different from the traditional 3d printers we have been featuring on Which 3d Printer Buy to help you get the best 3d printers reviewed and suggested and also the related queries answered. What makes iMates a 3d printer to be featured on our cool 3d printing blog is its metal frame, closed structure and massive printing size of 10.24”(L) X7.87”(W) X7.87′(H) apart from other things that we would address later on this post.

There are many very exciting features of iMated by R QIDI technologies. This brand has some real cool 3d printers. One primary traits in most of their 3d printers is they are enclosed and the model would not need to be out until it’s finished. It also helps to protect the surrounding if you happen to be very conscious about the 3d printers being open-ended as well.

iMates has many other cool specifications and parts that make this 3d printer worthwhile to be featured on our listing. Some of iMates cool parts and specifications have been featured here:


One of the most exciting features of iMates is its unique design and cutting edge featurette which is unique in many ways. The design is completely molded and appears safer.It’s closed-ended but also allows to vent out at the same time.

Closed Printing Experience

When 3d printing its feels very reliable and care-free to be around. When we print ABS or other types of filaments that mostly require to be 3d printed in an enclosed-environment iMates just fits the bill. It produces much smoother and detailed quality of models this way. With printing effect in a much better way.


iMates 3d printer has a sort of a very unique dual Extruder model which one set of 0.4 mm extruder while the other set of 0.2mm hotend so it’s very unique. So when we printed couple of 3d models the experience was obviously unique like we mentioned a while ago.


Technically no assembling is required at all. Literally no assembly. We just had to open the box and bring this beast of 3d printer out and without having to fix screws or assemble anything. So iMates is one of the 3d printers which require no assembling at all.

Build & Structure

QIDI technologies have put all skills to use and made this awesome iMates 3d printer. We could tell just looking at its industrial outlook and build. They have used high qaulity industrial-level of FDM. An other better featurette of this 3d printer is its working principle is much different from the other 3d printers. That’s kind of makes it unique or one of a kind 3d printer. Like we said in the beginning there are many layers added to this amazing 3d printer that iMates made to our feature list.

Printing Size

We all love printing large size of prototypes. What happens when our 3d printer is working on a big 3d model is that it unstabilizes or vibrates at certain level in time when it has to deal so many layers. While iMates does not have that issue, the accuracy is the key here with this enclosed 3d printer that it gives us idea that probably when we compare enclosed and open 3d printers this would have an edge over other types.

Overal all we can print large 3d models on iMates that could be around 260×200×200mm size on a daily basis. So we can print a lot with this 3d printer.

3D Printing Experience with iMates

Its massive UI interface makes things easy to see and evaluate even beforehand. However while the making of 3d models, since iMates comes with the QIDI slicing software as well we could pick two different modes to choose from—expert/normal model level of expertise. We picked the expert model but if someone is using the 3d printer for the first time the normal is there to choose.

With the normal mode we can practice it or make small models while with the expert or pro model we can do more complex projects. The detailing on the expert level is incredibly done and each piece show a lot of delicacy and meticulousness done to it. On our own, we can change settings and modify our 3d printing models however we want.

Your Most Popular Questions About iMates 3D Printer Answered:

Is there additional filament added?

Yes it has an other filament as a complimentary for experiments.

Is there any other cheaper model by R QIDI of 3d printer?

Yes and that comes with a single extruder of 0.44mm and a single plate as well. So spending few more dollars is much better than going for the cheap model.

Which iMates model has two extruders the cheaper model or the expensive one?

The cheaper model does not have 2 extruders while the upgraded model is iMate02 which has the upgraded extruder. The only iMates model that comes with 2 extruders is this one which has a moderate price tag and is not every expensive as compared to other 3d printers.

Does iMates has bed auto level how should level the build?

iMates does not come with bed leveling automatically. It comes with wing nuts so that we can lock the position so it does not lose the precision and position while processing the design. So when we have to remove the nozzle or magnetic print bed we might need leveling the bed.

Does iMates has the filament added in the package box?

Yes iMates also has a PLA filament included in the box when we buy it. But make sure to use a well known filament brand instead of trying to make it work in the process. The added filament is experimental and it lacks the quality a great one. It’s just for the beginners to get their hands dirty with otherwise it’s useless for those who have already used 3d printers and know the diffrence.
So get a high quality filament and set up iMates with it. It would work great that way.

Does iMates connects to the wifi?

Yes it does, you can connect iMates with the home wifi and start 3d printing.

What happens if iMates lose the internet connection, does it stop printing?

It would not stop printing the it’s flashed as well. So make sure to flash the files as well.