Saturn 8K Resin 3D Printer – The First 3D Printer That Revolutionized 3D Printing

There are so many 3d printers out there on the market these days picking one becomes extremely hard for anyone. ELEGOO’s Saturn is one such 3d printer which is most often bought everywhere and is recognized as a highly popular one due to its superb quality, features and product finish. There is so much finesse built into this one 3d printer that it becomes hard to avoid all that.

For the overview we could say Saturn 8K is a MSLA Resin type of 3d printer. Its LCD is 10 inches in size and is 8K Monochrome. The light source is used on it Matrix UV while the print sizes could be as huge as 219x123x210mm. This is just the overview we have explained most of its significant parts in detail for each below that define it why it’s the most productive 3d printer on the market these days.

Buy & Surprise Friends With Saturn 8K MSLA Resin 3D Printer

Here is A Quick Video Review of Saturn 8K MSLA Resin 3D Printer

Just check the figure details in this video which is totally very exceptional. From its build, stability to performance and final delivery of the model each prototype seem very well crafted.

Size & Printing Quality

Saturn 8K Mono 3d printer has a huge build in terms of volume which is 219 x 123 x 210 mm that provides enough room to build whatever we want to. From great toys to detailed roman gladiators or game characters we can just make anything with this 3d printer. So what is so surprising is that we could easily finish our large 3d models or batch parts in a single go.

Model Detailing

The biggest take away with the 8K MONO LCD screen is the detail to each of the 3d printing objects. This 3d printer adds so much meticulousness to the projects that you would need a microscope to pick faults in the finished models. It gets very tight tolerance and the each layer maximum exposure is around 1-3 seconds. Besides, its protected with scratch-free glass which is tempered that has a hardness level of 9H which is huge.

8K Mono LCD

What surprised us a lot and definitely would to you if you are 3d printer enthusiast is its incredible 8K Mono LCD which is 10-inch huge. It’s a monochrome like other top-tier resin 3d printer that provides us with the resolution of 7680×4320 and the XY resolution has been 28.5 microns. So over all these things makes this 3d printer worth your shot if you have not tried it before. It could serve a lot of purposes more importantly the quality of our 3d printed objects becomes like so sharp and crisp.

Build Stability

Saturn 3d printer has a solid built due to various reasons. It comes with Z-axis that is packed with the linear rails and some screws to keep the leveling and an overall sturdy built. All these contribute to that built. So when we print the sandblasted plate comes with high-end adhesiveness. The model removal is also easy due to lesser tension on the build. Technically, overall build of this 3d printer is very solid and strong.

UV Light Source

Saturn 3D printer comes with a 28 Matrix UV LEDs as the light source and also has a double convex lens to decrease the scattering of the light. It also used for light contrast. Due this inclusion in the built that light gets vertically projected on the screen at the angle of 5 degrees. This might sound confusing for you but that adds incredible accuracy to the prints and reduces tolerance. All the prototypes while building get high quality print dimensions due to that.

Overall Printing Experience

If you are looking for a disruptive 3D printing experience which is hard to get if the 3d printer is not of that good quality and the building process usually takes days to finish the ideal model, then we get bored. On the other hand, to avoid all that Saturn 8K is has done exceptionally well to keep us engaged and entertained with its process of building 3d models.

I am quoting just an example here to clear the air. Saturn provides unflinching smooth 3d printing experience and there are reasons behind making all that possible. For instance it comes with a USB-enabled purifier that consumes the active carbon fumes and works as a membrane by filtering the unpleasant resin odors while using Saturn. So we can easily start over on the next model once we can get done with one. It has the copper heat tubes to conduct heat to immediately dissipate and ventilate the bad odors and also help us maintain it.
That was just a single example. Overall everything works great on this 3d printer. It offers so much that I cannot add all into a single review.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saturn 8K Resin 3D Printer

How much resin can it hold?

It holds the 400ml of resins

What’s the print rate of Saturn 8K in mm/h?

Technically speaking there are many things that contribute to the mm/h for a single 3d printing task such as how much is the thickness of each layer, lift speed and distance and so on so forth. However, if everything is okay it can print 200mm in around 15 hours. The job can vary as well.

What if you lose the cardboard leveler?

If you lose the cardboard leveler you can still use A4 paper pieces and fold them together to level the build plate. It should work fine.

Does Saturn 8K 3d printer comes with Resin included in the package?

No. The resin needs to be purchased separately. It comes with accessories though.

What’s the actual dimensions of Elegoo Saturn 8K 3d printer?

Saturn 8K has these sizes:

Frame 280 x 240 x 446 mm (11.02 x 9.44 x 17.55 in)
Build volume: 192 x 120 x 200 mm (7.55 x 4.72 x 7.87 in)

Buy & Surprise Friends With Saturn 8K MSLA Resin 3D Printer