Photon MONO 4K 3D Printer Performance After The Upgrade

ANYCUBIC is becoming our favorite 3d printers’ brand. This is the second time we are featuring their other very popular 3d printer with a lot of greatness. Mono 4K 3D printer comes with a very large build that excited us, has a Monochrome screen with LCD SLA and automated leveling for the objects to maintain the printing and precision at the same time.

We will discuss its major specs in detail below. Those in the overview are few things that make Photo Mono 4K 3D printer our top choice. We have given a detailed run-down to its other features as well. We will also give our opinion on this 3d printer how we found it.

The Upgrade of Photon Mono 4K

We need to address this before anything else. It pretty much explains what has been upgraded. The manufacturer ANYCUBIC upgraded Photon Mono 4k 3D printer and now it has has a monochrome LCD with 35-micron XY pixels which has made this 3d printer even more desirable. The printing now has become even more precise and accurate. The LCD makes things pretty easy. Along with that there are few more things which have been upgraded. But the LCD takes all the limelight.


After the upgrade an other feature which has improved is its speed. It can curate 1.5 secs and the speed can reach to 50 mm/h which makes this 3d printer 2.5 times faster than average 3d printers which are 2K.

Accuracy and Precision of Printing

One of the biggest issue that an average 3d printer has is its accuracy. Many 3d printers lose the measurement of object mid-way and prints become less precised. While the new Mono 4k 3840×2400 3d printer takes care of the precision with incredible accuracy. You could see smaller pixels and inline deep texture done well. The high contrast takes care of the object detailing to produce crisp edges and corners very well. At the end of the day when the object is done, the product becomes immensely accurate as the design was to be.

Screen And Print Size

Photon MONO 4K 3D printer has a very large build. We can easily print many game characters and toys on this one. It’s screen size 6.23 inches which is much larger than its previous version Photon which was 5.5 inches. So printing becomes really fun and we can stretch the print to the size of 6.5×5.2×3.1. If you have printed objects on a 2K printer or even on Photon its previous model you would understand how well this Photon MONO 4K 3D printer is equipped with specs.

Power Adjustment

Photon MONO 4K has 30-100 percent power regulation. It not just supports 405nm resins but any advanced requirement that makes it adaptable to all type conditions. This feature also extends the life of the screen other things. We know power adjusting is the key for getting into any environment for these 3d printers. So it makes Photon MONO 4K a very high rated 3d printer.

Screen Protection

An other nicely manufactured specimen of this 3d printer is its high-tech screen protection. Which protects it from scratches and we can also remove it when we want to. The package also has an other protection film for the screen, so this extra feat is great to have.

What objects can I 3d print with Photon MONO 4K?

You can print anything you want. Sky is the limit. Just to add people are making jewelry piece, household items, miniatures like little Yoda, game characters, dummy house models and also corporate product models.

Is resin included in the package with Photon MONO 4K?

No it doesn’t have resin included in the package.

What are the additional items that photon MONO 4K 3D printer comes with?

Photon MONO 4K has 3 wrenches, metal spatula, a plastic spatula, gloves, masks, vat screws, and also resin strainers included in the package.

Can I use a SD card on Photon MONO 4K?

No absolutely not. You should know that all resin printers can work only with the USB drives.

Tell me compatible mechanical prototype resins to use with this printer?

You can use 405nm range for Photon MONO 4K 3d printer to work for you.

How can I make Chitbox on Photon MONO 4K 3D printer?

If you are not using the right kind of resin the printer would not load. Make sure you take into consideration use of right resin and also settings to make it work for you.

Can I make model teeth with Photon MONO 4K?

We can make dentures with Photon MONO 4K but to do that we also need to know the resin type. The resin type would make a lot of difference if it’s not the right one we are using for it. If you want anything like that printed with great precision and accuracy make sure to check the specifications and whatever printer you are using. It’s necessary before making your first purchase.

Can I pause the Photon MONO 4K 3d printer to remove the build plate while it’s still printing?

It will cause an issue and eventually the printing will fail. We cannot stop the printer to remove build plate and then put it back and expect it start where we left it. No 3d printer works that way.