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ELEGOO is an other very popular 3d printer brand on which 3d printer buy that would get their new releases shared as and also other 3d printers soon. In this post we are reviewing Mars 2 Pro MONO MSLA 3d printer. Despite the one of their early offerings, Mars 2 entertained 3d printer enthusiasts for long.

Here is an overview of Mars 2 Pro Mono

There are many 3d printers by ELEGOO that we would share later on. Despite few years old, Mars 2 Pro Mono is still relatable and a very good 3d printer for many reasons. We would share some of its best features and specifications that make difference for Mars 2 Pro Mono 3d printer. Let’s get into it without losing anymore time:

Build & Structure

Mars 2 has a very strong foundation as its built on CNC machined aluminum, the material is known for its sturdiness and makes this machine fundamentally strong. It also has a new sturdy sandblasted build plate added. Which comes installed on every new Mars 2 3d printer delivered. That’s amazing. It is adhesion is so strong that it makes the whole structure formidable and it does not jolts or vibrates. While it also has active carbon built into it, that is there and absorbs the resin fumes and enhances the printing experience. An other thing which is rare among the 3d printers is its multilingual printing experience. It has multilingual interface for 12 types of language which is huge. It makes it ideal for everyone around the world.

Speedy 3D Printing

Mars 2 Pro Mono is one of the 3d printers which started quick 3d printing and they took around 2 seconds for each layer. That makes Mars 2 a speed master among its contemporaries. This is quite a speed for a 3d printer and the over all speed automatically increases as each resin layer taken care of and getting done within 2 seconds.

HD Resolution

We want to mention Mars 2 Pro Mono’s HD screen resolution because among the 2k 3d printers it still is the one of a kind. It was released and still comes with a 6.08 inch monochrome LCD of 2K HD resolution. The MONO LCD is exceptionally durable that ultimately enhances lifespan of the 3d printer in general. It also contributes to the stability of the 3d printer for long printing sessions and this way it saves cost that we do not have to invest on newer equipment. Technically a single change is making a big impact.


An other feature that keeps printing enthusiasts interested in this 3d printer is its accuracy. Despite being the early models as compared to the current 3d printers, a couple of years ago this 3d printer was the top rated one and it still makes to the top list for precision and accuracy while curating the projects. Overall this 3d printer model has kept everything to the perfection.

Print Quality

Mars 2 Pro Mono has been upgraded with a new light source structure that helps printer to emit more UV light and on 2K mono LCD the overall print quality is exceptional. Since we see tons products inscription 4K on them, we often forget the beauty of other products. Mars 2 Pro Mono is a good deal for its low price.


Mars 2 Pro MONO comes with a whooping one year warranty apart from the round the clock online support. While the warranty for the 2k LCD is just 6 months. Since the package contains 2 more FEP films so there is no warranty for that.

All these features and specifications make Mars 2 Pro Mono a very affordable 3d printer. The cost is just nothing as compared to its performance. They keep upgrading it so we get enhanced features every time we make a purchase of it.

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FAQs about Mars 2 Pro Mono 3D Printer

What languages does Mars 2 Pro MONO support?

The Mars 2 Pro Mono interface has 12 different languages support that makes a lot of the job easier for everyone around the world. It almost covers 1/3 of the world. From French to Spanish there are many other languages that are fully supported on this 3d printer. All languages include Japanese, Dutch, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese. This much language support makes it very ideal for everyone.

What that Mars 2 pro MONO warranty includes?

It comes with a year’s warranty for the 3d printer, a 6-month warranty for 2k LCD while there is no warranty for FEP film because you already get 2 FEP films in the package. So one can be replaced with the other without having to claim any warranty.

Can I gift Mars 2 Pro Mono 3d printer to my son on Christmas?

Yes Mars 2 Pro MONO makes a great Christmas gift for everyone. We suggest it should be given to the children at least 10+ years of age. They would love it. The technology is new, and today kids already know most of the tech-uses. So this 3d printer would make a fine gift for them.

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