Mars 3 Pro 3D Printer – The Best Christmas 2022 Gift Ever

Mars 3 Pro is a straight cutting edge technology 3d printer which makes a great birthday or Christmas present ever. There are reasons for that. It not just the Christmas gift but also professionally could be used to create amazing 3d models and sell them out online. You could literally depend on this 3d printer and run your online shop. On the other hand, it’s an exceptional gift a birthday, everything is just great about this 3d printer.

ELEGOO 3d printers have been featured here many times. You might have seen and bought couple of real-good ELEGOO 3D printers we talked about earlier on our website. However, today we have this ELEGOO’s resin 3d printer —Mars 3 Pro which is another real cool 3d printer to buy. You might have good/bad times while 3d printing but Mars 3 Pro would break the floor.

It’s some of the incredbile features like 6.66-Inch Ultra 4K Monochrome LCD we can always replace the Carbon on it and also crazy print size this print has like 143.43×89.6×175mm / 5.647×3.52×6.8in. There are other things which are worth mentioning.

We have mentioned its specially features and specs here those one which would really make a difference while 3d printing. Of course we have left the ones which are common things in every other 3d printer.

Build & Structure

Mars3 Pro comes with a large size and the structure seems well made as well. Its size build volume is as large as 143.43×89.6×175mm and the size 5.647×3.52×6.8 of inches. This size and build is great to get moderate size of 3d modeling and prototypes. So we can easily manage to get large models made with this build. We can 3d print batches without stopping on any stage. So it not just adds high productivity but also gives us amazing build quality.

4K LCD Screen

Mars 3 pro comes with a 4K LCD screen which is 6.66-inch and scratch free. We can replace it if we have to any how. Otherwise, it’s scratch free made with tempered glass that has 9H hardness. The light transmission on it is amazing at the resolution of 4098 x 2560 which is very high and of course higher is better. So our this 4K LCD screen remains safe from damages. So even overall this LCD works exceptionally well. If we want to replace it, we could, it still manages to surprise us due to its longevity. Over all the best LCD screen on a 3d printer so far.

Light Source

An other most talked about 3d printer part is its light source. It has been upgraded COB light which has crazy amount of UV LED lights, to be specific they are 36, and it’s a huge UV lights on a 3d printer. It does not stops here, these 36 UV lights are paired with Fresnel lens which makes it possible to produce beam of 405nm wavelength. Over all this all makes a great lighting experience scientifically. The printing quality and final result is amazing.

Design and Model

We get Mars 3 pro with non-slip hexagon leveling screws as well and also the surface has sandblasted oxide built plate attached in it that provides us strong adhesion very stable printing experience. While the PFA release liner also brings much less tension that adds up to a great quality of the printed models and the success rate is very high.

3D Printing Experience Overall

Our 3d printing experience was great and it also reduces the resin fumes more importantly due to its carbon filter that absorbs all the fumes emitting out of it while printing. While it also cools down on a much faster rate due to powerful copper heat absorbents and the fan built into it which cools it down on a much faster rate adding efficiency to a greater level while the productivity becomes uninterrupted and manifold.

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Elegoo Mars 3 Pro VS Mars 3 Ultra 4k – It’s a complete video review of ELEGOO’s Mars 3 Pro 3d printer which covers everything from setting it up to making your first 3d printed mode.


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Mars 3 Pro Answered

Can I replace the resin tanks on Mars 3 Pro?

Yes the replacement is easy for most of the ELEGOO 3D printers includng Mars 3 pro.

Is there a screen protection in the box with Mars 3 Pro 3d printer?

No ELEGOO does not provide any LCD screen protection for Mars 3 Pro. You might get few options online to buy on your own. But the package does not have one included.

Is there a resin bottle included in the package as well for experiment or whatsoever?

The 3d printer Mars 3 Pro does not have any resin bottle included in the package for starting over even if it happens to be your first ever 3d printer. But the company does not provide a complimentary resin bottle.

Why can’t we replace Carbon filters, if they are consumable what’s the point, they will run out easily on Mars 3 pro 3d printer?

The carbon filters built into Mars 3 pro are always replaceable although they might run out depending on the production volume you 3d print on Mars 3 pro. But they are always replaceable and not very expensive.
Literally you could get 100 of 3d prints without stopping the 3d printer and they would still work great. It’s not that you would print few times and the carbon filters would run out. They might run out after 100s of prints.

Is Mars 3 pro is a stereolith printer?

Mars 3 pro has LCD screen so it prints that way. If it’s a LCD screen it means it would not have a laser and thus that does not make it a stereolith 3d printer if it does not have laser.

I have encountered a problem the 3d printer seems like printing but it’s not. What should I do?

It comes with the Chitubox make sure to watch videos about using it. However, it slows down the model cutting and it would take hours and hours of that to cut the models. So be patient it would work.

What type of material has been used on Mars 3 pro vat like Orange30 resin vat which comes only made of plastic?
Mars 3 pro resin tank is not made of plastic. It’s a pure metal-built.

Mars 3 Pro 3D Printer From The Flagship Store For Cheap