How Good is Kobra Plus 3D Printer to Print Large Size Objects?

ANYCUBIC’s most popular offering has been Kobra Plus 3d printer over the course of all these years. It has been a very remarkable 3d printer with a lot of features from automatic leveling to precision and time, ANYCUBIC has taken care of everything altogether. They have made this 3d printer so accurate that such 3d printers are what people love about them. We can make ton of things off Kobra Plus such as toys, dentures, corporate models, game characters and sports dummies to play around with. In fact we can make the whole house beautified with this Kobra Plus 3d printer with incredible precision and in a comparatively short time as compared to other 3d printers.

ANYCUBIC’s Kobra Plus comes with much more power and automation than most of the 3d printers. We have mentioned here its key specs and features here one by one leaving out the minute unnecessary things which we would find in any other 3d printer or most probably in 2K 3d printers which were previously very popular although their functionality was very limited as compared to Kobra Plus’:

Kobra Plus Smart Features

Kobra Plus is a very smart 3d printer to make objects with immense automation and dynamic precision. Other 3d printers take days to finish the complexities of the objects, but Kobra Plus takes comparatively lesser time than that. It uses LeviQ to automatically level objects while making them. It makes Kobra plus works 25 times faster, better and smarter than contemporary 3d printers.

New Automated Algorithm

Kobra Plus has a new refined algorithm built into it with very powerful sensors. It has the most advanced algorithm that also lets us pause the process if we want to. While on other 3d printers we could not. While if the filament runs out it can still pause the process and start from there once we have added the new filament once again. So even if the power shuts down it pauses and we can start it from where we left it. Is n’t this amazing. The 3d printers had many issues previously one of them was it required to start over once the filament ran out or the power was out. So no matter what happens this new Kobra Plus automated algorithm takes care of everything for the most part unless we do something unnecessary.

Setting Up Kobra Plus

Kobra Plus has incredible build and it does not require a lot to set it up and start working. Normally a 3d printer requires couple of hours to set up, on the contrary Kobra gets set up within 10 minutes. It also has a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen with sensitive response and a brighter display and we could have the best 3d printing experience with it. Besides, the technical support is always there to call upon any time of the day.

Metal Extruder

Kobra Plus has an exclusive metal extruder which helps to melt the filament used on it quickly. It also makes the 3d prints very smooth. The consistency keeps going on without any loopholes or shakes. So at the end of each print we don’t need to wait for it to cool down when we have to print again. We can just start as soon as we have stopped printing the first object. As far as its cooling concern Kobra Plus has 6000RPM faster two fans installed to cool it down eventually. So this is how accurate the Extruder is used on it, we see it has been taken care of on everything.

Large 3D Printing Projects

ANYCUBIC’s Kobra Plus has a much larger build and 2.5 times larger than others. We can get the printing in sizes of 300*300*350mm. It never shakes or vibrates even executing our larger projects. So the precision is also a key here which is taken care of. On top of that the speed is also the key and we get our projects done much faster.


Kobra Plus has carborundum plate has been manufactured with high quality adhesive so once we have done our project. We can easily clean it and it becomes very clean easily without leaving any remains on the plate or sticking there for long. No matter how many times we use the plate it remains entirely intact.

Most Popular Questions About Kobra Plus 3d Printer Answered:

What is the dimension of Kobra Plus?

The dimension of Kobra Plus is 11.8″D x 11.8″W x 13.8″H. So this is how the large build it has.

How much voltage do I need to use Kobra Plus 3d printer?

We need to understand that it works with the 110 and 220. So all you need to do is to flip its switch before plugging it in.

Does Kobra Plus use the direct drive extruder?

No, technically you would find the driver on its side and the feed goes inside a teflon tube then to the Extruder to make it work

Do I need a usb for Kobra Plus 3d printer?

Yes we can use octoprint to control it. We can easily run it with it.

Does Kobra Plus has a complimentary filament on the package?

Yes the package has a filament for testing. So you can easily test print anything with it.

Is Kobra Plus compatible with other devices like a PC?

Yes it does work with your PC. Make sure to follow the guidelines.

Can I use ASA filaments on Kobra Plus?

Technically ASA can be more useful when it is enclosed but also technically yes you can gladly use ASA filament on Kobra plus.